June 8, 2007

Uhh, The Volvo Rap??

Sheesh, it's been a rough week for Volvo, PR-wise. First, a crackmom in a 740 station wagon mows down 40 people at a Washington DC streetfair, then someone leaks a full ten seconds of Sven & Whitey McMagnusson's Volvo Rap onto Google Video.

Hemmings seems to believe that this was actually Volvo's idea, part of their 80th anniversary celebration. I gotta say, it makes the Ruff Gruff Goat Brothes Rap sound like that live Run DMC-Kid Rock-Aerosmith mash-up at the 1999 MTV VMA's.

1 Comment

The only reason I think the rap was their idea is because the video came from Volvo. Other than that...

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