June 3, 2007

Zewi Fix Decke: We Are The Sheet; We Are The Children.


Yeow, the last time I saw someone as obsessed over a sheet as I am about the Zewi Fix Decke, it was Jason Patric in Neil LaBute's Your Friends & Neighbors. [If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't look it up; if you do, sorry to remind you.]

Tina posted her top ten first year baby products at swissmiss, and the Zewi Fix Decke is the eyepopping standout. It's a fitted sheet with a vest attached. The kid's basically made into the bed, and can sit up or lie down, but can't really move from the center of the mattress. It's like one of those sleepsacs taken to the logical extreme. Tina said they didn't even get a crib. [they fit standard Euro bassinet, crib, and single/twin mattresses.]

If you think it just ain't right to have to wait until the church play, Halloween, or Pledge Week for your kid to dress up in a sheet, hightail it to Switzerland and get a Fix Decke at Zewi bebe-jou.

Zewi Fix-Decke sleepsheet, CHF109-169 [zewiundbebe-jou.ch]
swissmiss' ten favorite baby products, (0-1 year) [swissmiss.typepad.com]
Previously: Judd is in the air: Swiss baby furniture from Zewi & Bebe Jou

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