June 3, 2007

Power Up Knit Hats For Your Little Mario, Luigi, Or Princess


What with the heat and humidity the last few days, the idea of a cashmere baby cap seems kind of crazy. But then, the kid is sitting in front of me right now, cutting out balloons with her hat and gloves on because the A/C is apparently too cold.

Too bad she can't fit into this sweet Starman Power Up cap from Otter Moon Designs on etsy; it's for 0-6 months. So's the 1-Up Green Mushroom hat.

Starman Power Up Baby Hat and 1-Up Mushroom baby hat, $35 from ottermoondesigns [etsy.com via wonderland]
There's also a 1-Up green mushroom hat

1 Comment

Wow! Thank you for posting pictures of my baby hats here! I found out they were here from a friend who frequents this site. He was so excited to see them here, too!


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