June 2, 2007

So I'm Weak. Japan-Only Little Bony Plush Toys At Giant Robot


What month was it that I said the kid watches Japanese TV shows so that we can break the TV character - licensed merchandise - store aisle feedback loop? Way back in February?

Yeah, well. I just ordered a Little Bony plush doll. Seems David Horvath has taken to dropping off a few boxes of Japan-only merchandise at GR2, the Giant Robot store in West L.A. Apologies to anyone out there foolish enough to use me as some sort of anti-consumerist moral paragon. But how am I supposed to stop buying the kid stuff when it's allsodamncute? Besides, toys are different than Trapper Keepers and hand towels, right?

And for a while anyway, she'll have the only Little Bony on the east coast. Stuff that in your backpack, Dora.

Little Bony plush dolls, 3-13 inches tall, $8-32, plus shipping, at GR2 on Sawtelle or online [giantrobot.com via uglyblog]
Previously: Little Bony by David Horvath

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I had the same theory... then a well-meaning relative bought my daughter an Anpanman purse and totally screwed it up. Still won't let her watch that show though -- it's awful.

She's watching Hayao Miyazaki films repeatedly like most kids watch "Finding Nemo", though, so it's tempting to pick up a stuffed Totoro or something...

[we almost bought the kid an Anpanman foam hiragana tile floor--until we actually the show. so annoying. And that opening song you link to? It's like, we'll figure out the mysteries of religion without the help of a singing donut, thank you very much. -ed.]

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