June 2, 2007

Good Babynaming Help So Hard To Find In The Hamptons


As I'm sure you already know from previous seasons in Aspen and the Hamptons, Plum TV is like the free, glossy real estate ad magazines they leave in Upper East Side lobbies, like Avenue or Quest, but on TV.

Chris O'Conner, the host of the local Plum Hamptons morning show [I think he's the one in the khakis above, pushing the tractor wheel], and his wife Caren are having a baby boy in August. And they say they're having trouble picking out a good Bulgarian/Greek/Jewish/Irish name.

So they're having a contest to name the baby. The prize--besides the power trip that comes from naming someone else's kid, of course--is roundtrip helicopter service from the city and dinner at One Ocean Road in Bridgehampton.

[Not to be a snob or anything, but you outsource the naming of your firstborn child, and yet you can't get someone to push your tractor for you? Guess they should've kept at least one actual farmer around on the South Fork, if only to facilitate the artful arrangement of everyone else's rural theme props.]

Most inadvertently appropriate alternate spelling suggestion so far: Maxamillion.

"Name That Baby!" Contest - Plum Hamptons [plumtv.com via the beach]

1 Comment

Those aren't khakis they're Carharts, and it's not my tractor, and believe me I wish I could get someone else to push it for me. We have interns but they're all too busy picking the raisins out of my raisin bran.


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