June 1, 2007

2 Weeks 2 Save On Herman Miller, 2 Clicks 2 Spot Modernseed's Ad


If you're gonna steal, steal from the best, that's my motto. And if you're gonna have a two week Father's Day sale, with 10% off Herman Miller classics, use a vintage ad from the Official Spokesdadblogger for the Eames Lounge Chair. Good to see some of my favorite people are getting along so well. [Disclosure: Modernseed has advertised on Daddy Types, and I have a dadcrush on Dutch.]

Herman Miller For The Family [modernseed.com]
Modern Dad [sweet-juniper.com]


Just saw the Eames rosewood & leather chair/ottoman at the furniture store near by us last night... that thing looks even nicer in person. (And it was a bargain too... less than $2k Canadian; ah, if I hadn't just paid my income taxes... :) )

well, you should consider that mancrush reciprocated, although I think I've been working on mine for quite a few more months.

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