May 31, 2007

Chef Robuchon Beanie Baby Almost Done


With just over five hours to go before the auction ends, this Chef Robuchon Beanie Baby bear is clocking in at $1,625.

According to Jennifer the Snackologist who posted about them last year, Ty made just 200 of these bears to commemorate the opening of L'Atelier Joël Robuchon at The Four Seasons. The hotel is owned by Beanie Baby Billionaire Ty Warner.

The chef bear's little portfolio includes a recipe for Potato Puree, which Jennifer has helpfully scanned, just in case you don't win.

[Collector's note: the image above is not the bear for sale, which has received the museum-grade box- and tag-protection treatment.]


[Parent's note: As MetroDad reported last fall, there are no changing tables in the men's room.]

Ty Authenticated Chef Robuchon
super ultra rare, museum quality, limited edition
auction ends 5/31 20:00PDT
update: whoa. $3,550.
Robu-Baby: going, going, gone []

1 Comment

There is another Chef Robuchon beanie on sale at ebay USA, ending Jul-22-07, 7:15 pm.
Item number is 330146480203

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