May 30, 2007

On Sushi, Mercedes-Benzes & The South

So yesterday, while setting up for the kid's pre-school year-end pajama picnic [where the kid ate sushi and edamame with chopsticks, btw, a bit show offy, I admit], I moved a fellow parent's Volvo XC70. Smooth. And such a tiny steering wheel.

After 16+ hours driving to and from the beaches of my youth this weekend [where I packed the rice and seaweed so the kid could eat veggie booty maki in front of the family, very show offy], the car was awesome and comfortable, ran like a top, and blazed right by the convoy of "classic" cars clogging I-95 like plaque on an artery. But I was beginning to wonder if maybe our 1985 Mercedes wasn't getting a bit too old for this kind of thing.


Then after watching this cute Wrigley's commercial, I realized the real problem: it's not old enough. Fix the odometer, baby, we're going for a million!

And speaking of Down South, sushi, and offensive and historical racial stereotypes, I'm sure it's totally fine to give the little animated sushi character buckteeth--because it's Australia, and Australians are Asian, too!


Wrigley's Extra commercial
Dir. Jonathan Baker
Agency: DDB Sydney
[ via]


Okay, for some reason, trying to watch that video keeps crashing both my browsers, so I haven't seen it yet, but...

Aw HELL no!

You forget the slanty eyes too, yo.

You put that up there just for me, didn't you? ;)

MMM XC70. Gotta love 'em

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