May 30, 2007

Combi Transition High Chair: Kids Table In Disguise


This turned up during my toxic car seat search for Combi Mango the other day, though the Mango color is apparently discontinued. It's a wild-looking high chair that comes apart and transforms into a play table and chair combo, complete with pencil cups.


The Combi Transition is made from smoke-lacquered fiberglass and upholstered in Connolly patent leath-- haha, just kidding, it's all plastic, enough to start an oil crisis, in fact. On the bright side, early user reviews said it's very wipeable.

Has anyone put a Transition through the paces? Which is it, Optimus Prime or Magnatron? [1] A baby-technological miracle, or the kind of 2-in-1 gimmick that does nothing well?

Combi Transition High Chair/Kids Table, $119 [amazon]

[1] Or Megatron. Yow. Not a trick question, but a deliriously embarassing typo. thanks to Gromit and daylight for revealing it.

update: in the comments, Birgit points to the standard-issue European high chair, which is called a Kombi, so you know, totally different. I sense a plot by Magnatron.



Wow that thing is trememdously hideous. If you want a system that converts to a table and chair, at least get a wooden one.

(These are popular in Europe)

[ah, right. I saw a lot of those in baby stores in Holland, but I didn't realize they broke down into parts. -ed.]

I'm a little sceptical of any combination product; they usually seem to be mediocre in both configurations.

I agree that the thing looks hideous... I'm spoiled by our simple white IKEA high chair which at 2 years and 4 months is still going strong. I think it's the best $40 we spent on kid's gear...

[same here, but ours was the $16 one. -ed]

Wait a sec. Are you sure this isn't a promotional stunt for the new Transformer's movie??

"Magnatron"?!? Seriously... time to hand over your geek card. I guess you've just been pretending all this time. Same goes for the three of you who already commented and didn't notice.


[I was too old for Transformers the first time, and I was literally falling asleep last night as I typed this, and even *I* can't believe I screwed that up. -ed.]

As a mark perhaps of generational cultural differences, when my kid saw the photo of the chair she immediately said "Strong Bad!"

[that's awesome, we had a homestar runner thing around here somewhere once. need more. -ed.]

I still want to find this 3-in-1 high chair. Relatives have one that they brought home from Israel, and my 2-year-old loves playing in it. It would make a perfect art desk for her. That Danish site no longer carries it, and I haven't seen it anywhere else.

The Combi high chair is a beast. Wipeable, yes, but so many nooks and crannies for tomato soup to hide...
My nephew had a high chair that converted to a table and chair, and the top of the table could be smooth, or a lego board. Good concept, but Evenflo crapped it up.

That is the Pontiac Aztec of the high chair world. Sorry. High chairs should be uni-taskers.

[hilarious. that's the pullquote right there. -ed.]

HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! I'm looking for this highchair!!! Sears canada used to sell it and they discontinued it....anyone know where i can find it in canada?!?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME

Help me to plz, i want to purchase another one, i just got one last nov-08 and love it (from sears) now im having another baby and need to find one in the gta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz help me find one thanks

I really need to find 1 I'm in Pennsylvania in the United States if anybody knows any information please let me know

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