May 30, 2007

Better Homes & Gardens For Dolls, Circa 1972


Hey-o, a fantastically mod doll house--with a floating fireplace, no less--that you make yourself with tinted and transparent acrylic, balsa wood, an ice cream carton lid, and some blocks? Damn right it's better. You know what'd be even better, though? Some stairs. Get crafting, craftyman!

I just bought a copy of Better Homes and Gardens Gifts To Make Yourself, pub. 1972. If there are any more plans or details, I'll scan them in. In the mean time, we have this image, thanks to the craftastic vintage blog, Cathy of California.

[update: there aren't any more plans, there's jack, in fact. I guess in 1972, BH&G expected everyone was fluent in plexi dollhouse construction. -ed.]

1 Comment

Oh man, I hope there are plans. My daughter definitely needs me to build her one.

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