May 30, 2007

Combi Transition High Chair: Kids Table In Disguise

This turned up during my toxic car seat search for Combi Mango the other day, though the Mango color is apparently discontinued. It's a wild-looking high chair that comes apart and transforms into a play table and chair combo,...
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Better Homes & Gardens For Dolls, Circa 1972

Hey-o, a fantastically mod doll house--with a floating fireplace, no less--that you make yourself with tinted and transparent acrylic, balsa wood, an ice cream carton lid, and some blocks? Damn right it's better. You know what'd be even better,...
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Oh, Don't Mind Hari & Parker, They're Just Hanging Out. And Watching You.

What's that, you didn't get the memo that it's Onkar Singh Kular Week here at Daddy Types? Don't sweat it, neither did I. image via wmmna Truth be told, it was the adorable little eyes of Hari & Parker peeking...
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RUN! HIDE! JPMA Says Toxic Car Seats Are No Problem!

When I first saw the reports a couple of weeks ago of some hippie treehugger study that found significant levels of toxic, even carcinogenic, chemicals like lead, chlorine, and bromine in a whole range of car seats, I was like,...
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Jack The Dripper & World Cup Rattle: PSP Toy Concepts By Onkar Singh Kular

Last summer, Royal College of Art research fellow Onkar Singh Kular exhibited two proposals for PSP video games and tie-in merchandise at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London. For The End Of The Road, a driving game where "players...
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On Sushi, Mercedes-Benzes & The South

So yesterday, while setting up for the kid's pre-school year-end pajama picnic [where the kid ate sushi and edamame with chopsticks, btw, a bit show offy, I admit], I moved a fellow parent's Volvo XC70. Smooth. And such a tiny...
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Fighting The Kids Menu Industrial Complex

From the NY Times:I came to the realization that America is in the grips of a nefarious chicken-finger pandemic, in which a blandly tasty foodstuff has somehow become the de facto official nibble of our young. ... ConAgra manufactures a...
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WonderWood, WonderWood, We're On Our Way

If your summer travel plans take you to Amsterdam, you may want to schedule a trip to WonderWood, a veritable temple to plywood and wooden modernist design. The incredible, little, 1950's children's bucket chair made of molded ply with...
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