May 29, 2007

Stone Cold Derek Lindsay Stars In Disorderly Conduct 41: Big Mac Attack


The 4-plex at the beach this weekend was showing Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, Shrek 3, and something else I forget, and I'm thinking, how can a summer movie season filled with repetitive, mindless, hypercommercialized, in-your-face sequels ever be entertaining?

Derek Lindsay of Taunton, Mass, if I didn't think you'd kick my ass for trying, I'd kiss you right now.

Mr. Lindsay is the star of his own summer sequel, you see, his 129th and 130th adult arraignments [at 34, that averages to 8/year. Busy!] premiered last Thursday in Taunton District Court. Seems Sunday before last, Lindsay had taken his kid to one of the local McDonald's, where Ronald McDonald and Shrek were holding balloon-animal court. Lindsay was heard urging his kid to push some other kids out of the way. When confronted by the dad of one of the pushed kids, Lindsay threatened to kick the guy's ass.

When some of Taunton's finest rolled up on a 911 tip, Lindy put up his dukes and threatened to kick their asses, too.

He was arrested for the embarrassingly minor crimes of disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. So wait, he talked trash, but didn't land a punch on either the other dad OR the cops? What kind of example does that set for the kid? Next thing you know, they'll be calling his fight a "tiff." Can't wait to see how he explains that one.

D'oh: McDonald's tiff lands dad in court [ via obscurestore, thanks dt reader ponch]
McDonald's tirade lands Taunton dad in court [image via]


Big derek lindsey is the man and a longtime hometown hero of massachusetts those charges are trumped up he is known as a martial arts trainer and has trained such up and coming talents like tony the meatman leate so don't believe the hype he's a great dad

[just on the law of averages alone, I'd expect at least one of his 128 arraignments to not really hold up. thanks for clearing that up. I'm sure the charges he just got hit with last month, #129, are trumped up, too. -ed]

Well ed as a matter of fact those recent charges are grossly blown out of proportion as well seeing since all he did was enthusiasticaly cheer on the fighters the problem bieng is the police fear him because he reminds them of the guy who picked on them in school fact of the matter is the only thing derek is guilty of is being outspoken and unintimidated by police I didn't hear of him laying a hand on anyone ever in his last few frivalous arraignments as for the first hundred I'm sure he was guilty of a few but that doesn't make him the man who set the chicago fires too!

I believe dereks new lawyer crystal leate will easily get these senseless and false allegations dismissed

Derekz new lawyer crystal "fruitbasket" leate will easily get those absurd charges dismissed

[are you talking about the McD charges, or the 'thrown out of the fight night' charges? when/where's the trial? -ed.]

Derekz new lawyer crystal "the fruitbasket" leate will get derek the money he deserves

The fight night charges will be dismissed they know who he is and it was obvious harrasment he done so much for the local fighting community and is a credit to the sport

Looks like this tool will be locked up for quite awhile now.

i am surprized no one put one in his head yet. Lindsay is a punk. do you remember when Lindsay though he was a skinhaed nazi. Now Likes Rap. still thinks he is tough? but is insecure so carrys weapons and wpild probably lose in fair one to anyone who could throw one. still ugly as all hell. im sure his kid is too.i am suprised he even had kids. Funny dude.

Whoever thinks derek lindsay is a good person/ father/ or member of society is really out of their mind. Those posts probably came from his only three drug addicted friends. Anyone who grew up in "the boro" knows exactly what kind of a loser he really is. Nobody is fooled. Let's not forget the time he got arrested for flashing a bunch of kids at school. REAL CLASSY. And if any of you forgot, he was the self proclaimed leader of his gang "the Mansons". This guys a real charmer. Anyone would be lucky to be his match on The best match for him is Bubba, the guy in jail cell 3c who wants to make him his new best friend. =)

The guy is a class A thug, punk, criminal, and a loust Dad. How can you be a "great dad" if you are in and out of jail all the time. By the way he has attempted murder charges, he has stabbed people, harrased people, threatned people, drug charges, illegal weopon charges. HE IS A PUNK. He is not a "Martial Artist" he is just a thug. When he gets a job, stays out of trouble, takes care of his kid, and learns how to be a decent human being, then you can call him a great dad. Since he has NEVER done any of those things but keeps breaking the law, and trying to kill eople..... I am going to have to say he is just a punk thug who needs to stay locked up and away from everyone. His poor kid is set up for failure in life if this clown is his example to live by

derek is da bomb he is a great uncle and freind all you have to do is stay on his good side AND not all of his freinds are drugys or geting loked up all the tome

derek is a good person ya he is a little scary at first but who cares and he is a grate father

i think youre all just jealous of him. you all have nothing better to do but say stupid and rude things about him. hes a sweetheart when you get to know him. haters!

this guy is NOT a hometown hero.He is in fact one of the most hated citizens in middleboro.I've personally witnessed more than a few of his assaults on people,He will attack anyone,IVE SEEN IT!!!.Trust me editor...this guy will never change.I went to grade school with him.I remember him at 9 breaking the school window.He would also try to fight or just attack anyone he felt like.very,very,dangerous!

a real fucking hero haha try bein a dad from Walpole

If you float like a butterfly, did you necessary sting like a bee? If you shot the Sheriff are you automatically guilty of shooting the deputy? Why don't you haters just beat it? No one wants to be defeated! That being said do you nay Sayers feel a little foolish? Just because someones guilty of a crime doesn't mean we should automatically assume they are guilty!

Derek is a good father/brother/son know matter what society has to say about him is completely wrong we all have skeletons in our closet but people do change it's on their own time though don't doubt him.Just like everyone don't wake the sleeping giant or there will be repercussions to be handed out.

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