May 29, 2007

Pepsi Generation One Kid Shy Of A Six-Pack

five pack of kids wearing Pepsi shirts in Washington DC

Here's the tip for all you National Zoo visitors out there: if you don't want me to criticize you for turning your entire brood of small children into walking billboards for the noxious corn syrup-and-caffeine-filled junk food that's going to give them remote control thumb and juvenile diabetes, don't parade them in front of me while I'm on the way to the cleaners.

That, or dress them in little Diet Coke shirts; that stuff is the Sweet Nectar of The Gods.


Kind of off-topic, but is this photo taken from the new Sony cameraphone you mentioned a few months back? It looks great. How many megapixels? And more on topic -- is the shutter speed fast enough to catch clear photos of your kid?

[yes, i know, right?; 3mp max, though this the medium setting, the original pic is about 775k; and uh, no, not really. The auto focus feature has a dealbreaking delay. there IS a 10-frame setting, though, which lets you pick the best frames from before/after pushing the button, but that only really solved the "someone's eyes are closed" problem so far. still, I'm a fan. -ed.]

Ahh, yes. Much better to give your kids Splenda...

[aspartame, baby. formaldehyde keeps'em young from the inside out. -ed.]

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