May 25, 2007

So Chicks DO Skate. In Germany. On The Mama Board.


A bit of friendly, unsolicited advice to the makers of the Mama Board:

If you're gonna go and do something as awesome as engineering and manufacturing and marketing a skateboard that can latch onto a stroller, DON'T give it a name that all but guarantees the 99.5% of skater parents who are men will NEVER use it.


So since your product is apparently not for dads, maybe we'll just make one our own damn selves: Papa Board and Dad Board both sound a little trademark-confusing. How about a name that's got nothing to do with the gender of the skater? Like The Stroller Stick.


The MamaBoard screws onto a stroller using a universal bracket, which connects to a lockdown strap, which is attached to the front of the deck. Why not use an actual skate deck, and jigsaw or Dremel out a slot in the nose for the strap, maybe reinforce it with an oval grommet?


The Mama Board's truck is so over-engineered, it must come from Germany. It has wheel covers, and the kicktail is actually a brake. Everything looks less evolved than even the most run-of-the-mill cast skateboard truck and wheel setup. With an actual truck, you wouldn't need wheel covers. With an actual skater, you wouldn't need a brake. [Though it might be nice. Any ideas?]

Making a Stroller Stick new, you might not be able to beat the Mama Board's EUR55 price [not including shipping]. But if you have an old deck lying around, all you'd need is the nose hardware and some Dremel time, and you're there.

Mama Board skateboard-stroller mashup, EUR 55 [ via dt reader becster]


A lack of graphics would definitely help this thing out. Do you actually have one of these lying around? I would be curious to see it compared to the Bugaboo's toddler board, which I tend to stub my toe on constantly. And would never stand on myself.

Then again, my skateboard was a Sims II, way back when and I sucked at that, too, without worrying whether or not I would topple an infant out of a stroller...

[I agree on the graphics. It's definitely designed to accomodate an adult, not a kid. or not JUST a kid. -ed.]

The brake looks a lot like the one on my daughter's Razor scooter. I actually like the idea of the brake since if you just ditch the board in an emergency, there goes the bambino with it.

[wrist strap? hacking this from a Razor is not a bad idea, either. -ed.]

How do you steer? Seems like it would be kind of unwieldy.

Would you be more interested if it were called the Dangerous Board for Moms? Just wondering.

Umm.. my first thought.. are these strollers really meant to go umm.. you Because my chariot, a great big massive jogging stroller comes with specific instructions to not use it roller bladeing.

I'm totally conufsed by this. This is purely an adult buggy board.I hated pushing a pram with a child buggy board so much I only did it once, weighed it down and made it tip-py, and my kid weighed about 35lb.
How is it supposed to go anywhere if the person riding is the one supposed to be pushing? Secondly, okay so you're going somewhere, is it safe to be going fast enough to be fun?
Thirdly given that in the UK some buggy shops state that the use of such a device negates your warranty, why would you bother?
Fourthly, you'd look such a dick riding one of these.
Finally, how does your rear axel stand up if Mom weighs 200lb+??

and in late-breaking UK news, the Daily Mail finally pick up on the Roller Buggy you saw at 100% Design last year - is that a Quinny seat on there in place of the MaxiCosi?

Well if your looking for some good skate videos check out skate videos

How can I get my hands on the mamaboard to testdrive
their website it not all that helpful.

[probably because it's in Germany. -ed.]

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