May 23, 2007

ICFF Linkbait: MocoLoco Kids Roundup

MocoLoco has a nice roundup of kid-related design from this year's ICFF. There are nice shots of the HiLo high chair, and more shots of the YiAhn bassinet, too.

Also, bunk beds. Lots of bunk beds. Nurseryworks and Argington are both here, but ducduc's got some new bunk beds, too. I've got a mind to do a bunk bed/kids room post, though it seems to fall a bit out of the DT/new dad demographic profile... But there is definitely some sweet stuff coming down the line. Or is it finally? Did/does children's furniture suck as bad as baby furniture did a few years ago? I have no idea.

I do know that I wouldn't mind having that campaign desk-style ducduc desk myself.

ICFF2007: Kids [mocoloco]

1 Comment

i selfishly want the bunkbed roundup! hey, as your kid gets older, why shouldn't you share non-infant info? you gotta ossify, writing only about babydom? there's some kind of daddy types stay-the-course mandate?

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