May 23, 2007

Dost Thou So Hunger For This Sirch Ply High Chair? Yea, My Liege

How many thousands of my designblogger subjects
Were at this ICFF asleep!

One and that Canadian saw this seat of yours,
And they hath brought us smooth and welcome news.


Why rather, Sirch, than relying on smoky cribs,
Or upon uneasy pallets depending thee?
'Stead mold with curves, from thy lumber,
This high chair for the perfumed chambers of the great?


ICFF-appearing booths; which to prove fruit
Hope gives not so much warrant, as despair
That costs will bite them. When we mean to build,
We first survey the plot, then draw the model;
And when we see the figure of the chair,
Then we must rate the cost of the fabrication;
Which if we find outweighs saleability,
What do we then but draw anew the model
In fewer offices, or at least desist
To build at all?

What is the King's chair? five and twenty thousand?

Peace, ye fat-guts! Nay, not so much.

Is Virtue of so little regard in these costermongers' times that true valour is
turn'd bearherd? Pregnancy makes him a tapster, and his quick wit
wasted in giving reckonings.

Look! When his infant comes to age,
We shall o'erturn it topsy-turvy down,
and he will sit and watch here by the King.


Henry IV High Chair of molded birch plywood by Wolfgang Sirch and Christoph Bitzerat [ameico via mocoloco]
Buy the Henry IV High Chair, $1,170 []
Previously: Calla High Chair: The New Fleur Down In Fleurville


I posted about this bad boy a couple of weeks ago. More proof that no one is reading my blog.

[d'oh, perchance I was drunk and chasing after a horse. -ed.]

Forsooth, Sirrah, thou hath cracked my shit up.

Sweet chair, indeed.

$1,170 !!?!?!? At least now I feel better about having spent 'only' $575 on Mozzee's NEST high chair... Even though you never waxed poetic about it in your blog and a fair number of people complained about it, we're very happy with it and so is our daughter.

I love the Sirch Max Car and Lorette trailer. They also have a villa for little girls. They leave spaces for kids and their imagination.

[yeah, except that villa is actually for grown men with blackframe glasses. -ed.]

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