May 22, 2007

Tour De Form: Alfred Mahlau's 500-pc Wooden Hamburg Harbor Playset

Unglaublicht. If you haven't clicked through to the pictures in that 1964 Form Magazine article about toy design yet, get going. We'll wait.




OK, So now you've seen that there is no more over-the-top wooden toy in the whole lot than "Hamburger Hafen", a 500-piece replica of the port of Hamburg by the graphic artist, designer and professor Alfred Mahlau.

If Ladislav Sutnar was never able to get his "Factory Town" block set into production--which had 15 pieces in the whole thing--imagine manufacturers' reactions when Mahlau pitched them a construction set with 15 wooden oil storage tanks alone. It's like Playmobil out of wood. Crazy, but genius.

Hamburger Hafen, Port of Hamburg Construction Set by Alfred Mahlau, in Form Magazine, Issue 28, 1964 []
Previously; Czech Out These Insane 'Factory Town' Blocks By Ladislav Sutnar

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