May 22, 2007

Bitter? I Hardly Knew Her. DesignUberBlogger Says 'Sorry, You Misunderstood.'

Note to self: if you've just cleared 500 B&W press kit photos of designers in way too serious poses from your gmail, take the kid to the park and clear your head before visiting any designblogs.

Alissa at Unbeige felt awful that I'd misconstrued her post yesterday about the commonfolk--with strollers, no less!--chasing all the bloggers out of ICFF. She apologized, and I now know I was wrong; it wasn't the hoi polloi and their Ikea-loving ways that's the problem; it's those damn rich people, who, with their large bank accounts and loose checkbooks and slow, shoppery sauntering gaze, pose a clear and present danger to bloggers, who are all rushing back to the wireless zone so they can be the first to upload their photos to flickr. My bad:

Someone forwarded me your post about UnBeige's ICFF coverage. In no way was I inferring that those with strollers were not design-worthy!

In fact, I was directly alluding to some complaints that ICFF has turned into some kind of social-status affair, overrun with clueless rich people "shopping" for their fancy apartments. Bloggers I knew vowed not to head to Javits Monday for this very reason. Maybe I should have written "design-curious Upper West Side socialites--with their nannies pushing strollers behind them." We're always just trying to poke fun at all the hype, and would never demean design- savvy parents!

No harm, no foul! Now if we can just clear these richies out of the way so we can get back to writing about these sweet $10,000 sofas...

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Dude, I wish I was in the big city so I could squabble with you guys about who's more worthy of looking at cool new design because it's obviously not those of us pushing strollers in Kansas...

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