May 20, 2007

And Povl Kjaer’s Rockingsheep Is Not Like Taxidermy Because....


This has been on a few blogs, and I just got an email about it, too, from DT reader/ICFF scout Ed [who, for the record, is not the same "ed." who comments on the comments].

Povl Kjær's Rockingsheep is at ICFF under the aegis of the Crafts Collection, which promotes Danish design worldwide. It's a low-volume production rocking toy made of pine, foam, and sheep. skin. Sheepskin.

Apparently, Kjaer made the first one for his niece, "as a humorous reminder of her parents’ rural origins." Sounds like Povl thought his brother or sister was getting a little uppity after moving to Copenhagen.

Now I'm all for cute and rocking and sheepskin and whatnot, and my grandfather would go down to El Centro every year to check on his sheep, and his father before him, but somehow, this is starting to creep the city boy in me out just a bit. Especially the dark-haired one.

I mean, if you had a favorite pet, like, say a Sheepdog, and he died. Would you get him stuffed and then turned into a rocking toy? Because that's what I think of when I see this.

That, or I go the total opposite direction: just make an Ikea run, and hack this thing together myself with a moose, a sheepskin, and a staple gun.


Rockingsheep by Povl Kjær [ via dt reader ed]

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How it is to buy the little horse? And also what is the prize?
thanks a lot

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