May 19, 2007

Sir Ken Robinson At TED2006: "Gillian Isn't Sick, She's A Dancer."

Let me preface this by saying I haven't ever seen Cats or Phantom, but I'm sick of them. And even I was choked up when I watched this.

The British education expert Sir Ken Robinson spoke at TED last year about the need to completely rethink the education system to focus on creativity. He described it as a giant feeder system for universities, with the creation of university professors as its ultimate, ideal of achievement. Considering how prone I am to seeing pre-school applications as a determininant for the kid's acceptance to Harvard, I can't say he's wrong. Just watch it and file it away:

TED | Talks | Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? [ via wonderland]


Well worth the time to listen. As our little one develops, it's our goal to encourage every area that she's gifted in. I too have a dancer on my hands.

Brilliant brilliant talk!

The bit about the dancer hits home for me. I wrote about ADHD in schools a while back and have it myself and that just meant so much for me.

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