May 18, 2007

I Have One Word For You: Crawligators

Another one of them Crawligator baby skateboards from Creative Playthings just turned up on eBay, box and all. If it goes for as much as the last one did, I think we all need to get into the Crawligator racket.


Baby Crawligator Creative Playthings toy, bidding starts at $6.99+$9.50 s/h, auction ends May 24 [ebay]
update: it went for $133. Crawligators are apparently highly seasonal.


the last crawligator i bought in 1980 was 15.00 plus tax. my kid got attached to it right off the bat and cried when we took him off of it. why in the world are they so much now? jim in mt. juliet tn. dt

[I guess there are more people with fond memories of the crawligator than there are available crawligators these days? -ed.]

I am also looking for a Crawligator for my grandbaby. If you have one, e=mail me"

Looking for one for my grandson .,,,,had one for our son when he was small. He loved it. Please e-mail me if you know where I can find one,

Just one more Grandparent looking for a Crawligator. I bought one 32 years ago and it went through my 2 kids and 4 nieces/nephews before we lost track of it. I have been seeking one for 6 weeks now. Please help if you know of an available one. Thanks

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