May 17, 2007

KajaGama-GooGoo! Gama-Goo Kidwear Now Good To Go


Remember how, a couple of weeks back, Gama-Go was selling those unique, kid-sized blankets made out of irregular Tim Biskup art-decorated t-shirts? And remember how there were hints of some kind of kid-sized Biskup-y Gama-Goodness coming down the pike?

Well, it's here. Greg from Gama-Go gave me the high sign that their new line of Gama-Goo Onesies[tyle bodysuits] and kid-sized T-shirts are ready, and I gave him the high sign that they're freakin' awesome. I thought my favorite would still be the Critter Ark Tee, but that was before I saw the bodysuit [and a tee] with a yeti driving a monster truck. For future reference, if you ever have us over for dinner, not one word about yetis in monster trucks; once you get me started, I'll just rattle on all night.

Gama-Goo goods are $24 a pop []
Previously: Tim Biskup designs onto t-shirts, t-shirts into blankets

1 Comment

Wow that's cool.
The only thing that would make it cooler -- fire off the exhaust (just like real monster trucks)

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