May 16, 2007

Elmer The Patchwork Built-In Storage Unit


I had no idea Elmer even existed before the kid got a book and a stuffed animal as a newborn gift, so it's a little weird to grasp that the patchwork elephant actually came out, so to speak, in 1968.

By 1971, he was being incorporated into custom nursery designs, including this Elmer storage wall unit executed by one George Powers, Stafford Place, London SW1, "using Sanderson's Hadrian range of paints":

Doors in the side and head swing open to reveal shelves and hanging space 15in deep. Elmer's feet form the front of a capacious drawer. The whole unit is mounted onto a special false wall and costs £100 complete
How times have changed since the 70's. Now there are piles of licensed Elmer merchandise, and our rainbow-colored friend doesn't have to put up any false walls anymore. It's a beautiful thing.

Elmer Patchwork Storage Unit, Design Journal archive, issue 271 []
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