May 9, 2007

Only Men Who Drive Station Wagons Are Man Enough To Ignore This 5-Second Rule Study

A new Clemson University study finds that the five-second rule only applies when you can be sure the floor you dropped the food onto is free of salmonella or E. Coli contamination. The New York Times reports that 5-second rule-ology...
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Sesame Street Fighter: Oscar V. Barney

Your pervasive merchandising drives me crazy, and deep down, I really suspect one of your meta-missions is to help kids develop the skills required to have a deep, personal, lifelong relationship with television itself. But when Oscar makes totally...
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Increased Down Syndrome Testing Prompts Grass Roots Campaign By DS Parents

There's a fascinating article in the NY Times today about Down Syndrome screening, and a couple of must-see videos, too. When the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists officially recommended the newer, much less risky prenatal screening be offered...
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You Want To Take This Outside, Errol?

Now normally, I got no truck with Errol Morris. Just the opposite, I'm one of his more ardent admirers. Thin Blue Line made me want to become a filmmaker. I've interviewed him and learned at his knee. And when his...
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TVisqatsi, Or The Preponderance of Evidence

Before you even ask, the answer is, "No, there IS no ominous Philip Glass score that filmmaker Godfrey Reggio won't lay on top of a wordless montage of over-extended, over-aestheticized, over-seductive pseudo-critiques of our over-industrialized, over-mediated, over-networked society." For...
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