May 8, 2007

Fine Doll Art By Debra Lynn


Fine Doll Artist Debra Lynn:

I am driven by my imagination and want my work to express whimsical character, personality and emotion. I use only the finest materials, new and vintage fabrics, angora mohair and crystal eyes. All details are completely hand crafted by me.
I hand sculpt and design one of a kind babies and toddlers in all sizes including
full body sculpts. [via dan]
Dolls by artists including Lynn run about $650-2,800 []


You know what our nursery needs? Life-sized statues of shivering, coal-eyed infants capturing the very last moment before the witch shovels their fleshy rumps into the gingerbread-house oven. Well done, Debra Lynn. Well done, indeed.

[uh, they're crystal-eyed? Completely different? -ed.]

well, I was just going to comment on how freakishly scary they were, but Spurs Dad's comment was so much better and more imaginative!

I just had a chilling thought: there are people who own hundreds of these things -- these Yoda-mated-with-Martin-Balsam beasties -- and display them in their homes.

holy crap those things are hideous - if my daughter saw that Duckie was hanging around one of those things she may just dump him...

I expect to be seeing these with the coupons in my Sunday paper...

Those things are creepy as hell.

My daughter has that same duckie too. He might just have to go now...

Oh that those posting negative comments above had the same level of imagination and skill as this artist.
I think the sculpts are beautiful and capture the innocence and cuteness of childhood perfectly.
They are lovely Debra and I envy your talentzt

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