May 7, 2007

Ten Worst, Single Best Spiderman Tie-Ins


If I had to pick the most egregious examples of Spiderman 3 marketing asshattery we've seen, it'd be a tossup between the posters taped to the ends of the shelves and carts at our public library in DC, and the Spiderman 3 flyer and sticker the nurse at Georgetown Hospital slipped me on the way out of the kid's 3-yo check-up.

So you'll understand if nothing on 10 Zen Monkey's list of the 10 Worst Spiderman 3 product tie-ins even fazes me in the slightest.

That said, I don't think anything scrapes the bottom of the barrel quite like, the "Photo-Personalized" Spiderman Video starring the crappily Photoshopped head of your kid, just $38 from Kideo. That acrid smell is the last shred of iParenting Media Award's credibility going up in smoke. [Q. If there are 342 winners in the DVD category, how many titles paid the $250 submission fee and didn't get an award?]


It's amazing that a company can spend half a billion dollars on a freakin' movie and fill the world with hundreds of millions of useless crap, and still not come close to the chill-inducing awesomeness of one dad, Robert Haag, who hacked a Spiderman fishing pole attachment for his two-year-old son's prosthetic arm. [OK, fine, two points for making a Spideypole in the first place.]

Ten Worst Spiderman Tie-Ins
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