May 7, 2007

Bra Open, Case Closed: DT Is A NIP Fan

So Maggie Gyllenhaal shows a little skin as breastfeeds her baby on the Christopher Street Piers over the weekend? Big freakin' whoop. She's still wearing 99% more clothing than 99% of the people who hung out on that pier over the last 30 years.

I'm not going to enter into any debates with knuckleheads who think women should pump, head to the can, or drape themselves in some kind of tarp before feeding their child. It's 2007, people, and it's New York City.

What I AM interested in, though, is propagating the best BF coinage since "lactivist." You know what, it's better than "lactivist": Nursing In Public, NIP.

Is this a new term? Is it possible I have not been keeping abreast of these developments? Has NIP been staring me in the face, trying to get my attention? NIP needs our firm, gentle, uplifting support. I feel like a deer trapped in the headl-- OK, point made. I'll stop now.

See Celebrity Baby Blog for photos and NIPMaggie Gyllenhaal and Ramona Sarsgaard out Friday evening []
for UrbanBaby-style hyperbole, see also: Maggie Gyllenhaal Nurses In Public [strollerderby]

Oh right, almost forgot:

umas bosomas, via ap somewhere


See also BFIP but I love the simplicity of NIP.

[hats off, too, Danielle, that's nice work -ed.]

NIP rocks. We should all do our part to cement it into the cultural lexicon.

For a primer on NIP you should also check out this former national geographic producer's vlog

[well done. I guess calling breasts "the goods" is preferable to "boobies," which reminds me of Sixteen Candles. Also, many breastfeeders I'm related to also praise the Bravado. -ed.]

We're all suckers for a good pun, and "Nursing In Public" is dandy, but it places the emphasis solely on the nourishment aspect of this beautiful act. Breast feeding is also important for bonding, so I humbly suggest something more well rounded to adequately cover breast feeding's holistic nature - perhaps something like Total Infant Therapy? Might as well milk this for all it's worth.

Of course, this is not my areola of expertise, so I will leave the final decision to udders.

[I swear, we're gonna get keyed if we park near La Leche League with these bumper stickers. -ed.]

As I related the story leading up to your new acronym my lactavist wife informed me (just a tad too smugly, I might add) that NIP has been in use for a while. But she offered her kudos to you for your gallant attempt to take it mainstream.

If you are adding NIP into your vocabulary, you might also be interested in NAK, nursing at keyboard.

she’s really amazing…I’ve always looked up to her…

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