May 2, 2007

The End Is Nigh: Hulk Hogan Child's Chair


The timer pauses in its last silence, the interval between 1 and 0. No one can save us now. The world is doomed. Words have lost all meaning. The bodies of poets and bards already litter the Cliffs of Dover.

An injection molded plastic children's chair in the shape of Hulk Hogan--with a seat decorated with his lycra-encased, bulging lap--is being sold on eBay with the item description, "Hulk Hogan child chair mid century modern Eames Panton."

Eames Panton is storming out of the ring right now, begging Vince McMahon for justice.

Hulk Hogan child chair mid century modern Eames Panton ends May 10th, opening bid: $25+17.50s/h result: $31+shipping. [ebay via andy]

1 Comment

I've wanted nothing more for my future child(ren) than to sit in Hulk Hogan's lap, but I always imagined I'd have to dispose of his wife and sell them as Hulkamania courtesans. A high chair that saves me jail time is OK in my book.

Now, if only they could complete the Mega Powers set.

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