May 1, 2007

David Horvath Writes Book! Reads Daddy Types!! Enters Demo!!!

OK, last things first:


Ugly Dolls is now being moved to the Parent Company category with the news that David Horvath and Sun Min Kim are expecting a baby girl, apparently just in time to muck up their schedule for Comic Con in late July. Congrats, good luck, go out every night. [image: davidhorvath]

And Horvath reads Daddy Types! Or, at least he did. Once. After I called him a sell-out for turning Little Bony into a Sony-backed licensed merchandise juggernaut in Japan. Which isn't what I said anyway, and even if I agree wholeheartedly with his counterpoint ["Hey but see in Japan, the consumer goods freakin ROCK!"], I will not let go of my ambivalence about my kid's relationship wiht corporate consumerism, nor will I hold back my admiration for his and Sun Min's work and his ability to pursue it on his own terms.

[In totally unrelated news, Sony announced the release of six new Little Bony hand towels last week!]

Now the big news: Horvath's first book has dropped! Well, his first children's book, anyway; there have been a bunch of Uglyverse titles from Chronicle for a while now.


Between the front cover and the awesome-looking stickers handed out to book buyers, Bossy Bear sounds like a story every parent knows well and every kid needs to hear. I love that, at a reading in LA last weekend, some lady went to the trouble of throwing the book down in front of them in a huff. I just bought a copy, stay tuned for a DT review.

From David's blog, it looks like there are a lot of Bossy Bear readings and signings coming up. So keep an eye out.

Get Bossy Bear at Amazon, or pick it up online and in-store at Yoyamart [via yoyamart]
UglyBlog []

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Thanks for the heads up. For all you NYC types I just ordered the book from Strand Bookstore for $6.50 each, shipping was only $4.00 total for (2). I know Greg gets a few sheckels from Amazon but saving money is fun.

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