April 27, 2007

Amazon Baby Registry 25% Off Coupon Jiu Jitsu


I was wondering where Amazon's good old, "$25 kickback on your $99 Pampers order"-style deals went, and after trying to wrap my head around how this Baby Registry offer works, I miss them even more. Here's what I get so far:

1. Set up a new Baby Registry on Amazon with at leat 15 products in it by May 31st.

2. If the Registry stays up, in late June, Amazon will send you a promotion code for 25% off on a baby products order of $50 or more.

3. The order can only be for Amazon products, not third-party retailers. The coupon expires September 30.

Got that? See complete details and rules here. I think the trick to maximizing this offer is to plan out the pile of things Amazon sells that you'd actually buy in the summer. To do that, you'd need to go into each category of the Amazon Baby store, then choose Amazon in the "Narrow By Seller" column. Could be great, could be a pain.

The other thing to do is just buy a bunch of diapers and be done with it.

[via consumerist] image: Japanese flashmob re-enacting the fight scene from Matrix Reloaded via rottentomatoes.com

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Has anyone received their coupon code?

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