April 26, 2007

DT Exclusive: First Crack At Nurseryworks On Sale


Sparkability always seems to have the inside track on Nurseryworks furniture in discontinued colors and styles. Now they're letting Daddy Types readers pass on the inside, with an early tip off about a new, limited number of pieces marked down 30-50%.

These are new-in-box furniture, either in stock or en route, and if your nursery color schemes have a little flexibility in them--or if you're under the gun and copper microsuede sounds just fine, whatever, as long as it can get here in a couple of weeks--then check this stuff out:

  • Two NW Aerial cribs, with Daisy-colored circle end panels and light birch stained woodwork are $460, a full 50% off [don't forget that $300 white glove delivery charge].
  • Eight rockers--four Storytime [wide] and four Sleepytime [not so wide]--in Brick cotton canvas or that Copper microsuede, are $560, 30% off the $800 original price.
  • One pink and light stained storage box [sorry, boys, you know how girls love a sale!] is 50% off, or $445.

    Nurseryworks in-stock sale, 30-50% off, at Sparkability

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