April 26, 2007

Buddhist-Made Fleurville Diaper Bag Helps You Overcome Attachment To Your $70.


They say life is suffering, but if more products like the Fleurville Mobi come out, I think we sentient beings could turn that around pretty darn quick.

The folks at Fleurville wanted to build a "clean" diaper bag: "Clean is a term used in design circles to describe a product free from superfluous features, adornments or wasteful inputs." Also, [they] wanted to make a bag that would help you demonstrate your commitment to simplicity."

And how'd they do that? By constructing the bag out of a fabric called Re-Run, which is made from recycled plastic water bottles. Or rather, by having Buddhists make the bag out of Re-Run. Seriously.

Anyway, the bag is square-shaped and vertical, as opposed to most horizontal purse-type bags, and it hangs well on a Bugaboo, at least. It's a little thick; I wish it'd foster a greater sense of detachment from transitory, mostly useless things. But then, is there anything more transitory than a disposable diaper in the first place? Meditate on that zen koan for a while.

You will detach yourself from $70 plus shipping to get the Mobi. If it's on sites in addition to Fleurville's own, I'll add a couple here.

Fleurville Mobi Stroller Bag, $70 [fleurville.com via dt reader tyler]

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