April 24, 2007

Kidsmodern: Nume Remodels Cardboard Playhouse For Milano


Italian kid furniture manufacturer Nume hit it big with their US distribution deal with DWR. But DWR seemed to wildly overestimate the popularity of Nume's most affordable design, a blank white cardboard playhouse which was ready and waiting for a kid's crayon-wielding touch. Whenever I've been on DWR's site or in their Annex outlet, the playhouses have been marked down and down and down. Last time I saw them, they were $15/ea. for as many as you wanted.

For their installation during the Milan furniture fair, Nume has remodelled the cardboard house a bit, giving it a more interesting, asymmetrical shape. Now it's called the Igloohouse, and it's about what you'd expect if an innocent, little traditional house got knocked up by one a' them hippy-type geodesic domes.


If you want the 80% markdown, you should give it a few weeks before buying.

Kidsmodern Milano Salone report: Nume Cardboard City [kidsmodern.com]
Previously: Nume, Nume, Nume, Nume Fruit Salad-Colored Kid's Furniture
dome image: Oscar Tuazon @ artists space, via referencelibrary


OK - these are fantastic. Any idea where to purchase in the US? My Google-fu has failed me.

[hurry up and wait, I'd guess. they're not mentioned as products at all on the nume site yet, and the installation itself also contains regular nume houses customized by artists, so who knows? -ed.]

I'm not seeing anything "nume" come up on the DWR site either...

[nor on any of their other US/CA retailers. The original house and a few of those foam block chairs were at the DWR annex in Secaucus, NJ about 6 wks ago. -ed.]

These are totally awesome! I would love to put up some instructions about how to make them! Kudos to the designer!

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