April 23, 2007

Wheelchairs, Dance Troupes & Peacocks: Bugaboo Bee In Blueprint Mag


More coverage of the upcoming Bugaboo Bee, this time in Blueprint Magazine [the UK design mag, not the Martha Stewart one]. Big news is the price, and the picture of the effortlessly folded Bugaboo [never thought I'd see those three words together.]

Sara Soudain saw the new rig at a media preview held in NYC, and her first impressions are that the curved sides and "medical trolley-style wheels" make it look like a child's wheelchair, and that "it works in a slightly ugly but appealing way."

Bugaboo co-founder Max Barenbrug is quoted saying the Bee is specifically designed to appeal to men, who are too often "hunched over poorly designed strollers...and struggling with inefficient folding mechanisms." Then there's this:

In New York, the Bugaboo Bee is being touted as a slick 'gadget,' something new in the overcrowded boys' toys market. A promotional film, for example, shows a troupe of male dancers enthusiastically demontrating synchronized stroller folding, with no baby in sight. [emphasis added because, obviously, it had to be]
After missing the big scoop--price: $529, expensive for everything but a Bugaboo--Soudain wraps up with a quote from Frog Design, who published the dimmest hipster Bugaboontification on the web:
People are no different than peacocks...They seek counterintuitive, inconsistent, and disharmonious products dissonant designs that rattle their observers’ expectations and that let the consumers display themselves as complex and interesting individuals.
I have a feeling that, even if you're not an NBA center/peacock in search of a 4-wheeled dance partner, this Bugaboo rollout is gonna be pretty entertaining. Meanwhile, $529.

"The hottest thing on four wheels": Blueprint Magazine, May 2007 [wdis.co.uk/blueprint, not online]


Are there any pictures of this thing? (Besides the one that was on dt last week with the yellow canopy). I want to see it now!

boobee :)

[now that's a dad-targetted ad campaign from Holland I'd like to see. for purely professional reasons, understand. -ed.]

you can see more piccies on www.babychic101.com the advert was on youtube but has been pulled so i assume bugaboo found out about it.

it looks cool i love it!

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