April 23, 2007

Sweet Juniper - Mies Mashup


Holy smokes. Grace at Design*Sponge persuaded Dutch and Wood and Juniper to take pictures of their Detroit townhouse, which was designed by Mies van der Rohe.

Though the photos say otherwise, Dutch claims, "We are not designers or artists. I am just a stay at home dad." A stay at home dad who exults in his adorable kid's babylegs, who evangelizes the too-often-ignored centrality of Michigan in the history of American Modernism, and who blogs 300 from atop an old bowling alley scoring table.

And if that weren't enough, their dog doesn't shed.

Sneak Peek: Sweet Juniper [design*sponge, via sweet-juniper]
Sweet Juniper's House (set) [flickr]


ooooooh i have to check out their pics + blog.
thanks for the link :)

"my dad and I built a Calder-style mobile in his auto-body shop"

Awesome—that's Michigan modernism for you.

Those colors are drop dead beautiful on kids. But a dog that doesn't shed? That's too good to be true.

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