April 19, 2007

More Moo-Flickr Goodness: This Time, It's Notecards


Moo, the folks who turn your photos into beautiful little calling cards will now turn them into notecards, too.

I still can't get over how awesome the Moo Minicards I got last fall are. They're printed with images culled from the daddytypes photopool on flickr, and they are a blast to hand out. The matte laminated finish and heavy cardstock are beautiful. Apparently, people trade them like baseball cards. [The only things I'd change: make them just a little bigger, and let me have just a little more control over the text layout. Economies of scale are great, I agree, but still.]

dt minicards

Anyway, now Moo has introduced Notecards, 10x10cm cards with your photos on one side and your personalized notes or messages on the back [or, you know, not]. There's a little folding edge so the card can stand up, and an envelope. Instant invites, baby announcements, thank you cards, even. You could dress the kid up in each tacky outfit he got, take a picture, and turn it into a card, even.

A set of 16 cards is $25, which is pretty damn cheap. Now obviously, Moo's not inventing fire here or anything. Companies like Photoworks [who has advertised on DT in the past] also let you create birth announcements and cards online using your photos, and they offer a wider range of styles, templates, and customizing options.

Moo's cards are a particular aesthetic, and the design constraints may be a dealbreaker for you. But if you're looking for an unconventional, beautifully produced card, you may want to do the Moo. Has anyone used Minicards for kid-related purposes? Throw a link or a scan below.

Moo Notecards, set of 16, $24.99 [moo.com]

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