April 18, 2007

Glug Baby: Long Live The Cute Industrial Complex


So when the Chinese make images of pandas and spaceships, it's propaganda, but what is it when Americans do it? That's easy: it's so cuuute I could just gobble them all up.

The kid's aunt just sent her this adorable panda silhouette t-shirt from San Francisco-based Glug Baby, and she looks, well, adorable in it.

There's a bit of 70's-inflected flair in a lot of Glug's designs, including a butterfly that looks like the logo of a company you used to drive by as a kid, and of course, there's that Big Wheel line drawing [sold out, I'm afraid]. Lots of goodlooking stuff.

You'd probably expect that, what with the wife working at NASA and all, I'd be jumping all over the space shuttle t-shirts. But just between you and me, the shuttle and its even-more-pointless friend, the international space station, are giant, military contractor-centric money pits whose scientific contributions amount to high school ant farm experiments and Russian golf club commercials.

Plus, the shuttle's cost overruns have decimated the budgets for basically all the other science-driven missions, like the satellite my wife is working on. So, yeah, we're not exactly Team Space Shuttle around here [1]. Cute shirt, though.

Glug Baby t-shirts and other stuff is available online and in stores beyond Park Slope, too, I bet [glugbaby.com]

[1] update; the opinions expressed on this website are entirely my own and were not produced in consultation with, nor with the awareness of, nor do they purport to represent the views of, any NASA scientists who may happen to be living with me.


Is the panda shirt on glugbaby.com? I couldn't locate it.

[nope, just on the splash page. the red balloon has it online, though. -ed.]

OMG- did you see the TWEET Tshirt-?????....hmm $30, wondering if I can justify paying that much by dividing it by twins and having them share it? conundrum of the day.

park slope, bah. glug is practically old school in san francisco.

[i'm slow; daddydrama wrote about them like a year ago, too. I just never go shopping in little stores for kid's clothes. -ed.]

There was some xmas post on sweetjuniper talking about local and handmade stuff, and this was one of our favorites. Over the course of a week, we made three orders: one for our twins, one for some birthday kids, and another for the twins up the road who have deemed us their hand-me-down destination. hey, they were having a sale.

and to respond to twinshere: that doesn't work, cuz then you just got the cute twin and the frumpy twin. and who wants to be the frumpy twin?

Pink Gorillas carries a lot of Glug Baby - we love the designs and soft, supple cotton. Victoria, owner of www.pinkgorillas.com, cheers!

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