April 16, 2007

UNKL To Release UniPo Versions Of Wilco At Comic-Con


Everything that I just wrote about the Eames Bearbrick? Frying pan, fire. Iceberg, tip. Uma, Oprah.

According to Core77, UNKL is creating a UniPo doll version of the band Wilco, which whill drop at Comic-Con in July. If anyone at Comic-Con has actually spawned, they will be able to take comfort knowing that the unibody UniPo appears to pose less of a choke hazard for small children than the 9-part Be@rbrick.

Now if you'll excuse me, the kid and I have a date with some Happy Meal toys.

UNKL Brand does up Wilco, UniPo-style
UNKL Toys [unkl.com]

1 Comment

Yikes. Inviting a rash of angry comments from regular ComicCon attendees with kids are you?

[Hmm, whadya say? I was busy flipping through my bagged-and-backed complete runs of New X-men, New Mutants, and Alpha Flight -ed.]

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