April 14, 2007

Normal Room: And The Winner Is...IKEA

with PINK coming in a close second.


The website Normal Room is a growing collection of photos of how people around the world live in their rooms. It's the same kind of voyeuristic pleasure that's driving you to visit open houses this weekend, even if you're not looking to move.

Of the 40-odd kid's rooms submitted so far, I see two major things: IKEA is almost everywhere, with easily 60% of the shots containing at least one or two pieces of Vietnamese-by-way-of-Swedish gear. The other thing is pink. Lots and lots of pink. It looks like girls' rooms get overdecorated--and in a gender-coded way--and boys' rooms get almost no decoration at all, just accretion of stuff.

If there's a third thing, it's that the modernist design pain that once plagued the baby furniture industry is still in effect for older kids. ducduc made a quick jump into twin, bunk, and loft beds for a reason, people; it doesn't get any easier.

Normal Room kids rooms
[normalroom.com via core77]

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