April 12, 2007

Thrashmetal Laurie Berkner Cover Band 15% Less Annoying

While you're listening to it, this thrasher teenager-in-living room cover version of Laurie Berkner Band's "We Are The Dinosaurs" is easily 10-15% less annoying than the original, but it also goes on almost a minute longer, a full 50% more dinotorture.

Also, it didn't have a nice beat, and the kid couldn't dance to it. I give it a 45, Dick. [Yeah, I'm that old. For the record, I'm assuming the "Fck those Hollywood Holocaust people too" description is a reference to an imaginary rivalry with these teenythrasher metalheads, not Mel Gibson-style codespeak for The Jews. Still, kids these days.]

And while we're on the subject, why are teenagers singing this song? Are they babysitters? The 16 other cover versions on YouTube are by kids under the age of 3.

We are the Dinosaurs-L.A. Rumble [youtube via dt reader naomi]

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