April 11, 2007

Sweet Dutch Mobile Home Now In New Amsterdam, Too


Great minds, etc., etc., The Mobile Home, that sweet, corrugated cardboard, totally totable dollhouse by the Dutch firm Kidsonroof that we wrote about a few months back is now for sale at DT advertiser Sparkability. 35 clams.

They also have a few more of their Cribs Gone Wild! sale items: steep discounts on Nurseryworks cribs, dressers, and even a rocker, in discontinued color/pattern combos. If you've put off the whole nursery decorating decision so long those 3-month lead times are laughing in your face, it seems you have two options: buy whatever's at whatever bigbox store, or decide that, in fact, Daisy IS your favorite color.

1 Comment

Did the Dutch ad people take the wayback machine to 1978 to get Drew Barrymore to feature as "grumpy girl on the left"?

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