April 10, 2007

Wet Baby Dipper Alarm? Try Wet Baby Diaper Alarm


"Eastern Sale is a estore for Tecoserve," which is located in Maharashtra's second largest city, Pune [No. 1 is a quaint little 'burg called Mumbai].

They have over 20 years in the IT business, so you shouldn't worry too much that this electronic sensor you stick in your baby's pants is called a Wet Dipper Alarm instead of what it is: a wet diaper alarm.

The cute little plush animal starts playing music when the in-diaper sensor detects wetness. The signal travels along the wire, which is wrapped around your baby's neck.

Wet Baby Dipper Alarm, now just $14, you save $3! Namaste! [tecoserve.com via dt reader jeff]


"...the wire, which is wrapped around your baby's neck..."

What a great place to wrap a wire.

ohhhh, and it's electric, too!

Both my babies came with a built-in wet diaper alarm. Woo, could those kids bellow! On the other hand, their aversion to stewing in their own juices helped move potty training along, so every cloud, silver lining, etc. etc.

I'm guessing the designed have never actually been around real babies much. Those wacky IT geeks.

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