April 10, 2007

Vintage Eames Skateboard Decks For Girl By Tony Larson


And by "vintage," I mean 2005 at the latest. That's when Colin McKay--the vert guy with the Eames Rocker on his deck--stopped skating for Girl and joined Danny Way and the rest in the revival of Plan B.

So even though Jeron Wilson's still on the team, and you really really want a deck with the Eames kid chair on it, don't go picking around Girl's website looking for them; they ain't there. All you can do is stare at them on Tony Larson's website--or try tracking them down one by one on eBay or by posting little notices at the skatepark. Good luck.

Modern Series for Girl Skateboards by Tony Larson [agentsofthearea.com via notcot.org]
Girl Skateboards [girlskateboards.com]


Those Eames boards are Sooo RAD! Great find!

I've got a set of these hanging on my wall!?
....I didn't realise how sought after they are?
I'm no skater, so they've never been used.
I brought them because I liked the graphics.


I'd glady buy them for top dollar if you are interested.

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