April 9, 2007

Lucky Boy & "Auspicious Mobile Phone": Beijing Opera Flash Anime


So do you really need a Mandarin-speaking nanny, or is it enough for your kid to internalize the cartoons of her future Chinese bosses? These awesome-looking anime-style renditions of characters from the Beijing Opera turned up on BoingBoing, only without any credit or background information. So I dug around a bit to find the source.


Turns out they're from an animated Flash series called "Auspicious Mobile Phone," starring a character called [by Google, I'm still waiting for the official brand name] Lucky Boy Scout. If memory serves, he's sort of the New Year's Baby of China, who gets into all kinds of mischief with his little friend.

FlashEmpire has an article about the series, which is on the "Lucky distributor interactive entertainment community website," ibbdd.com. The only Roman characters on the front page--underneath each of the navigation icons on the top row--are enough to surf around a bit.


Even with almost no spoken dialogue, the little stories lose something in translation, but they sure are cute. The clothing and gear shop is [agonizingly] under construction. The kid's summer suddenly won't be complete without a Lucky Boy Scout sundress and trucker hat.

Google trans: Lucky -- A 3G mobile phone distributor more auspicious era animated cartoon brand cell phone. original Chinese here [flashempire.com, via bb]
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