April 6, 2007

Holy Cow, Bozart Kaleidoscope Dollhouse, Still In The Box


Even though I was never a diehard fan of Bozart's Kaleidoscope House, it always felt like the one that got away. I knew one of the investors behind Bozart from Philadelphia. A bunch of art world people I knew bought it for their kids, their grandkids, and their nieces and nephews. I saw it for sale in the MoMA store. Too bad the art museum trustee market wasn't big enough to support what was a truly inspiring venture. It was the Creative Playthings of the late 1990's.

If only an artist I followed a little more closely than Laurie Simmons had made it, I would've bought a couple just to have. And they'd be sitting in the art storage space, just waiting for the day I stumble across a never-before-assembled Kaleidoscope House on eBay, which is at almost $1,600 with just under 10 hours to go.


For a playable model, there's always this one, which comes with a few pieces of furniture and some dolls, even [and which, for the record, is neither Eames Era nor mid-century]. It's running "only" $385 right now.

BOZART KALEIDOSCOPE HOUSE DOLLHOUSE -NEVER ASSEMBLED!, currently sold for $1591, ends Apr. 6 at 2100PDT [ebay]
Eames era Bozart Kaleidoscope doll house mid century: currently $385, auction ends Apr. 11 [ebay via dt reader mark]
Previously: Shagadelic Marx Imagination doll house from the sixties.


Wow, I am shocked at how hideous the packaging design is for such an iconic toy...

[no kidding. I doubt many boxes that ugly got saved at all -ed.]

Hi, Love this dolls house never seen it before (live in the UK) - do you know when they closed down and how much it used to cost when on sale at MoMA store? and if anyone else is planning to sell this dolls house again?

Regards Anna

A dad's got one in perfect condition:


I have to agree with the comment about the box, tho. Kinda ugly.

I have a NIB one. Curious about how much it's worth...

[then put it on eBay and let it ride. This is probably the best 4 wks of the year to sell it. -ed.]

Hey, I'v got this BOZART KALEIDOSCOPE HOUSE DOLLHOUSE and am interested in selling it. Feel free to contact me for pics. Thanks, Thomas

Will you please send me pictures of the house you want to sell, and how much do you want for it.
thank you.

Did you sell your Bozart doll house?

would like to buy this doll house but i am not a collector..i just love it and want it for myself! It brings out the little girl in me that grew up in the 70's with her mom's bright white furniture with orange and yellow daisy's! If not does anyone else have one to sell for a reasonable price..box not importaant as long as its in good condition!


Interested in your Bozart Kaleidoscope House. Please send more information. Thank you!

Is the house already sold ?
If not I would like to buy the house.
Let me know.
Regards Anita

I still have the house NIB...ready to sell

just put the damn thing on ebay and let it ride.

I would like to purchase your dollhouse NOW. Please contact me. Thanks for your consideration.

i would LOVE to know if you've still got the dollhouse and if so how much are you asking for it...

I would love to purchase this dollhouse in perfect, NIB, condition. Is there anybody who would love to sell it? Please write me at sslussky@aol.com

woah i'd never even heard of this until i surfed for dollhouse miniature sofas, and !!!! now i'm dying for some Bozart furniture.....EESH there goes my paypal balance :X

thanks for the info!

I have now decided after much deliberation to sell my Bozart Kaleidoscope Dolls House. I live in the UK. This is fully assembled so would need to be collected - I do have the original boxes for it (outer and inner).

I have 12 doll houses in the boxes for sale.

Have you sold all the doll houses, all 12 of them?
I am interested in one if you still have any.
Thanks Kathy

I have a deadstock (totally unopened, brand new) one of these in its original box. It is even still in its original Bozart shipping box! I have a number of playsets as well. All unopened.

is your Bozart Kaleidoscope House still avail? what are you asking for it?

id be interested in one of your houses too

Are you still selling your Bozart Kaleidoscope doll houses? I have the furniture w/o the house and am interested in either buying or selling.

Let me know! Thanks, Nancy

Yes I have 7 dollhouses left. Contact me if interested.

Hi Jody,

Do you still have any Bozart's Kaleidoscope House left? please e-mail me ASAP if you still do.


Yes I do and furniture.
Thank you

Hi Jody,

Thanks for your reply. I'm interesting in the house and the grand piano furniture. Can you please e-mail me the price for both items?

Many Thanks,


Hi Jody,

Simply wondering whether you might still have a Bozart Kaleidoscope House available for purchase? I am interested in getting one as a gift for my father. If so, I'd love to discuss additional info - such as price, etc. - via email.

Thanks for your help!

I have a NIB Bozart Kaleidoscope dollhouse (it was purchased for my daughter but never assembled or used)--i think we took the cover off the box once, took a piece or two out of a bag, and then put them back in the bag and closed the box. Would be interested in selling it to someone who would enjoy and appreciate it. You can contact me at: liz_forman@yahoo.com, if you like. Best: Liz

I have a Bozart house for sale. It was set up three times, once before I had kids and twice after for a day or two and then went back in the box. I also have all the furniture sets and a set of people. If interested, you can email me at girrllie@yahoo.com


I am not sure if this thread is still active. Does anybody still have Bozart Kaleidoscope house for sale (in good shape) ?

Peter (p.koziarz@shaw.ca)

My friend has a Bozart Kaleidoscope for sale with original box.

Hi Jody! Just want to know if you still have any kaleidoscope dollhouse that I can purchase? Pls email me joansolis@rocketmail.com thank you so much!

If you have a Kaleidoscope House you are looking to sell, please email me at Leandra2848@aol.com. I'm looking to buy one. Thanks!

Hi there! Is there anyone out there still selling one?
I would like to buy one. Please contact me if you have one!
Many thanks


I'm from the netherlands and want to buy a Kaleidoscope House.
I see here that several persons have one for sale but don't see if they still have it or what the price is etc.

Sorry for my bad English......and please let me now if you have or no a house for sale...also looking for the furnitere.

Thanks Elisabeth

I have one I am selling, it is still wrapped in plastic wrap but one piece is not, I dont see any furniture in the Box but really didnt look that good i didn,t want to damage the Box anymore then it is.
i'm hoping to get $400.00 for it or Better plus shipping to where you are, serious buyers only please.. if interested email me at williamc@cfl.rr.com thanks...

Hey, everybody! I've got a Kaleidoscope House on eBay right now if anyone is looking.

Hi Elisabeth,

We have a used Kaleidoscope house for sale. Let me know if you are still looking.



Hi, Anyone in the USA have one for sale? If so please tell me about it and what you are looking for price? Thank you!

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