April 5, 2007

Rhymes With Scissorhands: Philippe Starck Teddy Bear Band


In 2005, Philippe Starck created a 1,000-piece limited-edition teddy bear for Moulin Roty, the French soft toy manufaturer. Called "Teddy Bear Band," the bear had a forest creatures' heads where 3/4 of its limbs should be.

Creepy? No, it just assures he has friends to play music wi--OK, fine. It's creepy.

No word on what the original price was, but Objects By, a Starck product shrine, had some Bear Bands for about $US234 at one point; they're sold out now. One just went on eBay last week, though, for about half that: $114+$14 international shipping. Starckian weirdness may be out of season.

Hunt for Starck Teddy Bear Bands on eBay


This is going to give me bad dreams! But, I can't stop looking at it. Don't you think what makes it extra-creepy is the one normal appendage? I wonder what little philippe's childhood was like?

Teddy bear walking: "Ow! Ow! Ow! Step."

Was it inspired by Matt Groening?


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