April 4, 2007

UK Ch4 Extraordinary Breastfeeding Documentary

When we last heard from mompower newsletter publisher Veronika Robinson, she was writing articles about with titles like " Why I still breastfeed my eight-year-old girl."

Now a segment of the Channel 4 documentary from 2006 about Veronika's extraordinary breastfeeding is on the YouTube. It's called Extraordinary Breastfeeding. So if you ever wonder what's going through a breastfeeder's little head, one of Veronika's daughters put it this way: she said she'd "rather have breastmilk than a million melons."

Extraordinary Breastfeeding, Channel 4 [youtube via dt reader xd]
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What, no Uma photo? :)

Dang - cam beat me to it! I was gonna ask how you could mention mellons and not show the Uma photo.

im sure the kid loves the milk but isnt this kind of setting them up for separation issues down the line?

Miss a day, miss alot. No, not the post -- the chance to make the Uma joke before Kam and Kaz. My boys have their game dialed in, obviously.

What is this uma pic? I guess im out of the loop! Also, does anyone know where i can see this show in it's entirety? Thanks! ~Amy~

[the first sighting of Uma, patron saint of breastfeeding -ed.]

Emule. It is peer to peer software that you can search for large files. The video isout there in Cyber space. I have a copy of the whole show and it is really good quality.

It's interesting that we can be tolerant about the same sexes marrying, restaurants named "Hooters", all the sexual intimacy on the (excuse the term) boob tube, and raise children without manners and regard for anyone other than themselves, but heaven forbid a woman deciding to nurse her child until that child self weans.

I bet most of you would freak and the number of 11, 12 and 13 year olds still nursing. It's just not public knowledge.


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