April 4, 2007

Mission Style Cribs After Stickley

So in the backseat of my mom's car yesterday is some Utah Design magazine from 2001 [Yeah, I don't know, either], and so I'm flipping through it while waiting forever at a railroad crossing, and see an actual Stickley crib. The Prairie Spindle Crib in quartersawn oak. It was $1850 or so. Looked great, if you're into the Stickley/ Arts & Crafts/ Mission thing [which, I confess, I kind of moved away from a while back. And I like my Frank Lloyd Wright from the Japan trip in the 1920's onward, thanks.]

Anyway, poking around, it turns out Stickley discontinued the Spindle Crib, but fortunately, the craftsfolk of the arts & crafts movement are still going strong, and several replicas and variations are still in production.

Strictly Mission makes a Spindle Crib that appears to be a perfect copy of the original Stickley, right down to the sliding brass rails along the side that make it look unfortunately cheap to me. With a couple of stains and three types of wood available, it seems like a very authentic way to go. It's $2,350 shipped in the lower 48.

No prices mentioned, but Big Hole River Custom Furniture in Missoula, Montana will make you anything in the Stickley catalog for 1/2 retail, they say. Their Mission Crib comes in hand-rubbed cherry. [scroll all the way down.]


The winner for me, at least going by the pictures, is Noriega Furniture's Prairie Spindle Crib [above]. They've improved on the Stickley design by concealing the hardware. It's the kind of detail those hippie yuppie parents in San Francisco would like, I guess.

Or maybe what they'd really do is go with a less hardcore traditional design that keeps the Arts & Crafts humility going. Modern Seed has a maple A&C style crib that was a real temptation for us. At $795, it clocks in at less than half the custom Stickley variations, too. [modernseed has advertised on DT.]


What did catch us off guard, since we stumbled across it the week after we bought our barebones Jenny Lind, was the Arts & Crafts crib from Pacific Rim Woodworking. It was beautiful, the only crib we saw in Manhattan stores [besides Netto] that didn't make me want to get out my planing saw and my tolepaint stripper. Pokkadots has the Pacific Rim crib for just $695. [they're a DT advertiser, too, btw.]


Hi! I love that Noriega Furniture's Prairie Spindle Crib above. Where might I be able to buy it? Or perhaps get the plans to have my hubby build it?


I have a Stickely Spindle Crib, 12 years old and in perfect condition.

Because of the recall Stickley got out of the crib business because this has a drop side.

This mission oak beauty worked for 9 Grandkids of mine. When I say it is in great shape , looks brand new.

I paid $1800 for this crib 12 years ago, it is a quality product and will last 100 years.

If anyone knows of someone who would love a great crib. Ill ship it anywhere .I am in Massachusetts!

Please contact me at bobcorbin879@gmail.com

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