April 2, 2007

"Silly Adults" At Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen

flyer for "Silly Adults" at Nicolai Wallner

To commemorate the birth of his newest son last month, Copenhagen art dealer Nicolai Wallner invited the artists he represents "to do an exhibition celebrating the spirit of life." Pretty open-ended, and the results are on the gallery's website. [alas, my boys Elmgreen & Dragset didn't include one of their awesome abandoned baby-in-Moses-basket sculptures]

What caught my eye first, though was the announcement flyer, which depicts, I'm guessing, Nicolai's older son's room. The new kid better hop to if he wants to catch up to his big brother's art collecting: I see a couple of Ruschas; a nice, malevolent Nara; and a Hiroshi Sugito.

And a bunch of Ugly Dolls and one Ikea Seahorse wall lamp. If I were recreating the look on a budget, that's probably where I'd start.

"Silly Adults," March 16 - April 21 2007 at Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen [nicolaiwallner.com]

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