March 30, 2007

Boost Booster Seat: LikeAYellowPages


Fred & Friends are the design fiends behind the awesome little chopstick-trainer Chopstick Kids. Once again, inspiration has struck at the Fredtable, as witnessed by Boost, a firm-yet-soft foam booster cushion shaped like the Yellow Pages [but with butt-width contours added for your toddler's seating comfort.

Chopstick Kids are an actual product sold in stores. Boost, I'm not so sure yet. Stay tuned.

Boost phonebook-shaped booster cushion by Fred & Friends [worldwidefred via swissmiss]


The wife and I were just talking about buying a booster seat we could lug around as we headed to a restaurant this evening which offered high chairs (which my daughter will no longer tolerate) and not boosters.

Fortunately, they had no tables available for us.

we are eagerly awaiting our shipment at the store. I'm pretty sure they expect to ship them to us at the latest in early May. I'll keep you posted.

Some of my earliest memories involve sitting on a phone book to reach the table. This is pretty cool.

they are in as of April 11th! And they are really cool in real life, our kiddo is just in love with hers (owner's perogative to take one home the first day)

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